What Is LeadsLeap? – The Review

    7March 2019

    What Is LeadsLeap – Just Another Traffic Exchange?


    No, LeadsLeap is more than just a traffic exchange. It’s more of a business package that can drive thousands of visitors to your websites or offers while paying you commissions as you use their services to get traffic.

    Understand Leads Leap in 1 Minute

    There are 3 different elements to LeadsLeap



    3). MAKE MONEY



    Let’s look a bit deeper



    LeadsLeap are perfectly up front when they say their core income source comes from traffic generation. It’s what they do to power the multiple servers they use to offer all the other free services they have available to members.

    Traffic is their bread and butter so they do everything they can to ensure that traffic is plentiful and high quality.

    There are 4 ways they bring traffic to members websites and offers.


    1. Advertise to Other Members

    LeadsLeap allow you to post very attractive ads like the ones shown below to other members.

    I know your first comment is something along the line of how would that be beneficial?

    Isn’t that like any other traffic exchange where members click on each others websites for points or credits, and move on to the next ad as quickly as possible?

    Well no. LeadsLeap have recognized that such a system is basically flawed so they encourage members to stay on adverts longer and scroll about by rewarding them the longer they stay on.

    But can’t you get Bots to do that?

    No, Bots visit a site and stay still. The LeadsLeap system can tell the difference between a Bot visiting an advert and a real person who moves about. Therefore, if you were to visit an advert and just leave it open in the background while you do something else then LeadsLeap will not credit you for visiting that advert.

    And do you know what I’ve discovered about viewing other peoples adverts?

    There are some great services out there, and some great adverts!

    Which brings me on to my next point… 

    The members of LeadsLeap are a super targeted audience, so if you think you’re wasting your time showing your ads to other marketers you’re dead wrong.

    Other marketers in the MMO arena are always looking for different systems to make money. In fact most of them are likely opportunity hoppers (you know, people who are always chasing the next shiny object)

    And even if they’re not, they are always looking for something to make their life easier, do something quicker or make something more professional.

    2.  Advertise To The Masses.

    LeadsLeap run a PPC program.

    Their ad impressions are in excess of 400,000 per day.

    Their ad widgets are shown in more than 4000 websites and blogs.

    30,000 of their trackers are shown in some of the most popular traffic exchanges, safelists, forums and PTC programs.

    If this is the masses you want to reach then LeadsLeap offers you that shortcut to the entire MMO industry. (Well perhaps not the entire industry, but certainly enough to send you lots of real traffic.)

     3. Get Search Engine Traffic and Google Love.

    As we know, Google loves quality content and reviews. It’s whole existence is to deliver quality relevant content to its users.

    LeadsLeap runs a fully search engine optimized Social Review Directory where you can add your own reviews of products or services with links back to your website or offers.

    In fact you don’t even need a website. Just write in the social review section and link back to your affiliate offers!

    LeadsLeap.com is an aged website full of reviews from real people. Therefore, it’s well respected by the search engines and regarded as relevant.

    And because of that,  reviews rank fast!

    4. The 10 Level Network Builder Multiplies a Few Leads Into Thousands.


    You refer 10 people to LeadsLeap and they do the same. You will then have 100 extra followers at level 2.

    Then the same thing happens at level 3, so you now have 10,000 followers.

    If you were to repeat that down to level 10 then you would have 10 billion followers!

    OK, so the math works out and we know in real life that doesn’t happen, but the potential to easily generate a whole army of followers that you can communicate with is pretty impressive to say the least.

    And before you ask. No, it’s not MLM.

    The network is free to join, no purchase or maintenance required and you won’t be flooded with tons of emails either.

    The sustainable and annoyance free mode of communication allows you to reach your followers, plus their followers, plus all their followers down to 10 levels in a very unobtrusive way.

    You don’t have to use it, but it’s a very powerful way of generating extra interest in what you are promoting.


    Everybody needs a competitive edge and you have that advantage by using the free resources within LeadsLeap membership area.

    These guys are masters of traffic, so I think they know a thing or two.

    So let’s look at what they offer within the LeadsLeap membership to develop your online business.

    The Real Tracker. Advanced Link Tracker and Rotator.


    The Real Tracker is a link tracker that has a pretty unique feature. It’s probably one of the only (if not the only) link trackers that’s capable of distinguishing between a real visitor and a BOT.

    How does it do this?

    It monitors the surfing duration and activity of your visitors. A Bot stays static once it’s opened up your link, where as a real visitor scrolls around and differs in time length.

    As explained earlier, a BOT can simulate a visitor, and they are pretty convincing at it. This can give the impression that you are getting tons of traffic to your site when in reality 90% of it may just be total garbage.

    The Real Tracker lets you see how many real visitors you are getting, what sort of click through and time they stay on your pages.

    Why is this important to you?

    Well, if you are purchasing traffic from any source, you need to know that traffic is quality. It’s a fools game believing your Google analytics when it tells you you’ve had 10,000 visitors after purchasing an ad campaign. 10,000 visitors of what?

    But there’s more to come!

    LeadsLeap Benefits

    So what’s the cost of all this?

    It’s FREE

    Popup Xpert (Popup and inline widget generator with hosting)


    Love them or hate them, PopUps can dramatically increase your conversions and sign-ups.

    However, most popups are in the form of free WP plugins which can be full of bugs and are never upgraded, or they can be expensive.

    LeadsLeap membership offer a free fully customizable popup generator that can produce any kind of popup you would ever want.

    Popup-expert features

    You can add the popup to your website, blog or even a link, which means that you can add a pop-up to affiliate links while potentially building your list!

    Try it out here and see for yourself…

    pop up button

    List Manager Auto-Responder Built into PopUp Xpert.


    Ok, so this isn’t an auto responder on the same level as MailChimp or Aweber, but for people not ready to invest in those services just yet, it’s a damn good start.

    This is what it will do for you:

    • Build your own list
    • Double opt-in
    • Automatically send out a welcome email with download link if required.
    • Send out a mass mail (with an SMTP account)

    What it won’t do is send out an automatic newsletter or follow up series.

    However, for a script that works really well and is totally free it’s perfect for beginners or collecting emails effortlessly.

    OTO List Builder Business In a Box

    The last tool that Leadsleap include in the members area is a self hosted php script that lets you build a business from scratch with minimal effort.

    LeadsLeap Business in a Box

    How does it work?

    First you need to get people to opt-in to your list with a giveaway product.

    When they opt-in, you tempt them with a one-time offer. If it’s good and priced correctly then OTO’s convert like crazy.

    Your leads then offer the free product to their leads and make 100% commission from the one-time offer.

    This is the way that you can go viral with your list building

    It’s important to not undervalue this powerful tool. It’s not some sort of PLR giveaway, but a script developed and maintained by the LeadsLeap team, so any problems then they can sort it out for you.


    Use LeadsLeap to Make Money in 4-Different Ways


    1. Become an Active Member

    become an active member of leadsleap

    2. Convert Your Credits Into Cash

    3. Participate in the PPC Program

    participate in Leadsleap PPC program

    4. Earn Recurring Affiliate Commissions.

    So, Do I recommend LeadsLeap?

    Yes I 100% endorse LeadsLeap as a way to drive quality traffic to your site, and have access to some really powerful tools.

    Like I always recommend. Start off with the FREE account and then work your way up once you realize how you can get leverage from the system.

    It’s always good to have FREE on the price menu. It lets you try before you buy, and that has to speak volumes about how confident the owners of this system are.

    Join Me Today at LeadsLeap, and When You Get There, Say Hi…



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